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Velvet Hammer Branding is a strategic branding and design firm focused on engaging and developing passionate consumers. Beyond establishing mere preference, we work to connect brands and constituents to create loyal and devoted fans.

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    Velvet HAmmer Branding - Bloodsport

    VHB Wewalka

    Ice fishing draws a different breed. These hearty fishermen go to extreme measures to chase down the fish waiting out winter below the frozen surface. Velvet Hammer helped Frabill focus its brand efforts to connect with ice anglers and position its products as essential tactical support for their hard-water missions.

    VHB Arch

    Entertainment packaging provides a unique opportunity to tell stories about stories. Arc Entertainment brought in Velvet Hammer in to design movie artwork that compels consumers to pick, purchase and play their offerings. As a result, Arc has been able to successfully distribute their films through thousands of retail outlets and on-demand video platforms.

    VHB Wilson

    America’s pastime is full of heritage brands that play on nostalgia and tradition. Wilson wanted to move forward and leverage its brand’s history in a more meaningful way to engage today’s ballplayer. Velvet Hammer helped the brand find the connection between avid young players and the time-honored values of hard work and determination to give Wilson new relevance and an edge against its competitors.

    VHB Tenzing Logo

    If you’re looking to launch a new brand into a category full of loud, chest beating incumbents, you better come prepared for a fight. Velvet Hammer developed the positioning, identity and launch communications for Tenzing that took the hunting world by surprise. Quickly establishing itself as the premier brand of high-end hunting packs, Tenzing provides outdoorsmen with products that help them achieve legendary results.

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