A little About Us

Velvet Hammer Branding is a strategic branding and design firm focused on engaging and developing passionate consumers. Beyond establishing mere preference, we work to connect brands and constituents to create loyal and devoted fans.

Our Capabilities

Brand Positioning
Print Communication
Website Development
Digital Campaigns
Social Media
Retailer Promotions
Experiential Communication

    VHB Wewalka

    Ice fishing draws a different breed. These hearty fishermen go to extreme measures to chase down the fish waiting out winter below the frozen surface. Velvet Hammer helped Frabill focus its brand efforts to connect with ice anglers and position its products as essential tactical support for their hard-water missions.

    VHB Arch

    Entertainment packaging provides a unique opportunity to tell stories about stories. Arc Entertainment brought in Velvet Hammer in to design movie artwork that compels consumers to pick, purchase and play their offerings. As a result, Arc has been able to successfully distribute their films through thousands of retail outlets and on-demand video platforms.

    VHB Plano

    When you dominate a category as Plano does in tackle storage, it can be difficult to see the need for further brand development. Velvet Hammer helped Plano re-define its core equity and advance its leadership position to help grow the outdoor sports category, strengthening consumer loyalty and commanding higher price points.

    VHB Barnett

    Adventure awaits those who dare to pursue it. Velvet Hammer helped position Barnett Crossbows to encourage traditional rifle hunters to discover a new thrilling option that shortens hunting distances while lengthening the hunting season... all while providing an adrenaline rush that can’t be found anywhere else.

    VHB Family Movie Night

    What do moms want more than anything? Time to spend together with their families. Walmart and Procter & Gamble joined forces to help make this happen by creating family movie events to be enjoyed right in their own living rooms. These two corporate brands looked to Velvet Hammer to create an identity for this award-winning initiative as well as the branding assets for each of their nine network movies.

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